About us


Alpen Pharma Group of companies, which was established in 1997, is a union of companies, the basic profile of which is represented by promotion and distribution activity. Its sphere of influence covers the territories of Eastern Europe and Asia. The head office is located in the capital of Switzerland, - Bern.


Each company that belongs to the group, provides its business partners with a complete spectrum of services on promotion and distribution of pharmaceutical products, inclusive of services on products’ registration.


One of the important work-streams of the group is arrangement and performance of clinical trials on medicinal products according to GCP international standards.

Alpen Pharma AG company, which is a member of the group of companies, opened its representative office in the Republic of Belarus in 2009. The central office is located in Minsk. Regional subdivisions are placed in the economically important regions of the country: Brest, Vitebsk, Gomel and Mogilev. The total number of employees within the business structure comprises 11 people, while 8 people out of this number are medical representatives.


The representative office has been carrying out successful work with health care institutions, national wholesale pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies and pharmacy chains, as well as with the final consumers. The representative office works out and implements programs on introducing new products to the market of the Republic of Belarus and carries out activities on their further promotion.

The popularity of the represented products among doctors, pharmacy employees and final consumers is based upon the combination of efficacy and excellent quality of the medicines with competence and experience of the company employees.


The staff of Medical Representatives, being a team of professionals with medical education, is actively working with doctors of different specialties: pediatricians, therapists, allergologists, dermatologists, gynecologists, ENT doctors, urologists, family doctors. High professionalism of medical representatives also allows to carry out successful co-operation with pharmaceutists and pharmacists of the pharmacy institutions, as well as marketing actions and seminars, which give an opportunity to get detailed information on the products represented.